Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Here is a poster parody I put together of Yoko Ono's statement of hoping that all 67 pieces will be reunited once a cure for autism is discovered, she said,
"Once the solution for autism is discovered, we will see the sky shimmering in its original beauty, with no holes."
Often the puzzle piece is used alongside autism, often with a piece missing which indicates something is missing in a person.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Autism Myths short clip

Choice, Content & Collaboration - Not Bribes!

Instead of carrots, gold stars and rewards make the persons day rewarding, think of Alfie Kohn's 3 C's - choice, content and collaboration.

How can a relationship be equal when power is exerted by rewards?

Herb Lovett Quote:

Herb Lovett wrote:
“My interest is to find ways of working honestly and respectfully with others to develop trusting relationships.
Slyly outwitting them is a poor starting point.”


Currently formulating ideas ... on how to do the right thing for the culture of autism bearing in mind I am not on the spectrum so what right have I to get involved I ask myself? I suppose I see myself as an allie or however it is spelt; ally? no i think its allie, pronounced a-lie :).....

The Start

Well, I have created a blog .... what do i write? mmmm... shall have a think about this ....